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Vampire Waifu is Hungry is my sixth of ten prototypes of the BTK's Game-A-Week course. This week's design had to incorporate routine into its gameplay. This game is unfinished, as I was racking my brain how to incorporate an interesting gameplay loop for the routine theme. The plan was to live through a day in the life of a vampire, including avoiding sunlight, eating humans, flying at night. This was an unrealistic scope, and I got a bit of designer's block, so in the end there are just a few assets and no gameplay.


Game-A-Week is an intensive project module in which students will create about ten prototype games over the semester, (almost) one per week. The aim of this class is to get students comfortable with the practice of rapid prototyping: working quickly to create a small playable game that effectively proves or disproves a design concept. Drawing influence from game jams, the class will prompt students with weekly thematic, aesthetic, or mechanical constraints (e.g. “time” or “nature" or “one-button input”). The hope is that students will practice design, incorporating those lessons into their practice when developing longer-form games in the future.

Week #6: 07.05.2019 - 21.04.2019.




Naomi Seeling.

Supervised by Prof. Csongor Baranyai as part of the Game-A-Week project course in the summer semester of 2019.

Install instructions

The downloadable zip contains all the necessary files for the game.

Only intended for 1920 x 1080 resolution!

A keyboard is necessary to play, and a mouse is needed for the menu.


nomi_proto_6_build_v1.zip 14 MB

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