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The Sunless Heights of Huntersbane Keep is my tenth of ten prototypes of the BTK's Game-A-Week course. This week's design had to be a sequel or prequel to one of the previous games made in the course. For this week I picked up my concept for Vampire Waifu is Hungry (week 6 topic: routine) again. Huntersbane Keep is home to Lady Charise, a vampire that has been ravaging the countryside, and it falls to a group of vampire hunters to eliminate her. As my style of dungeon mastering is light-medium preparation and heavy improvisation, this scenario is mostly just notes to provide me with enough of a framework to not lose track of the bigger picture while I run the minute-to-minute experience.


Game-A-Week is an intensive project module in which students will create about ten prototype games over the semester, (almost) one per week. The aim of this class is to get students comfortable with the practice of rapid prototyping: working quickly to create a small playable game that effectively proves or disproves a design concept. Drawing influence from game jams, the class will prompt students with weekly thematic, aesthetic, or mechanical constraints (e.g. “time” or “nature" or “one-button input”). The hope is that students will practice design, incorporating those lessons into their practice when developing longer-form games in the future.

Week #10: 18.06.2019 - 25.06.2019.

This game has no git repository available as it was a pen-and-paper game.


Myself of course.

Supervised by Prof. Csongor Baranyai as part of the Game-A-Week project course in the summer semester of 2019.

Install instructions

The downloadable PDF contains all of the preparations I made before running this. A lot of imagination is required on top!

One or more ten-sided dice (d10s) are needed.

Recommended for 1 DM and 4 Players.


theSunlessHeightsofHuntersbaneKeep.pdf 1 MB

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