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This project is a 2d action rogue-like about being a mushroom and killing robots as part of a live television broadcast death gauntlet.

  • Smash robo spiders with your trusty hammer!
  • Get to know your fellow mushrooms and robots by talking with them!
  • Show off for the viewers as the broadcast audience rates each one of your runs at the end!
  • Pretend you're William Wallace! It's not a feature, but you could if you like.
  • Laugh (or, optionally, awkwardly cringe) at my style of comedy writing.

Bachelor Thesis - Abstract:

This thesis examines the specific narrative needs of the rogue-like as a genre, with respect to its unique mechanics, and how it conveys narrative both explicitly and implicitly. After establishing a differential diagnosis to the applicability of prevalent narrative structures, the ludic episodic narrative structure is proposed as the solution to marrying rogue-like gameplay with rogue-like story-telling. An exploration of its benefits and drawbacks through a selection of rogue-likes assays its feasibility, guided by a set of criteria.


Art, Code, Design, Narrative - Naomi Seeling
1st Advisor - Prof. Florian Berger
2nd Advisor - David Niclas Karlsson
Menu Background & Emotional Support - Carla Rother
Bestest Playtester - Anna Köhler
Typography - https://www.fontspace.com/minecraft-font-f28180
Audio - zapsplat.com

This game was created as part of a bachelor's thesis in Game Design at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. To those with access to the UE's bitbucket repositories, please find my git journey chronicled at https://bitbucket.org/btkgamedesign/2020_ba_seeling_naomi/src/master/.

The Answers to your Questions:

"The game window is, like, so small! How can I make it bigger?"
If you are on a standard windows based OS, simply press Alt + Enter to force an application to toggle into a full screen mode. This degrades texture quality however.

"I can't find the way to the next scene transition, it seems blocked off."
It seems that level generation took a day off. Unfortunately, you will have to restart by going -> Pause Menu -> Main Menu -> Start.

"I went through a room transition and now my camera is not on my player."
At certain framerates a room transition will sometimes trigger twice, if it's a wednesday. Again, the only real option is going -> Pause Menu -> Main Menu -> Start.

Install instructions

1. Download the latest build .zip file.
2. Extract the contents of the .zip file into a folder of your choosing.
2. Launch Fungal Freedom Fighter.exe ( ba_project_seeling.exe for older versions).

If you experience a crash a few seconds after launching, this is likely due to your anti virus programme not recognising me as a trustworthy author - wise choice. Still, if you would like to play, simply ensure that the .exe is not quarantined by your anti virus programme and launch it again, this time it should work without any hickups.

If you still run into any issues, feel free to comment and I will look into fixing them as soon as possible :)

Thank you for spending your valuable time with my game!


BA_Seeling_Thesis.pdf 217 kB
BA_Seeling_Documentation.pdf 65 kB
2021.02.15_Exam_Build_V1.0.zip 33 MB
2021.02.10_build.zip 32 MB
2021.02.08_build.zip 21 MB
2021.01.28_build.zip 21 MB
2021.01.26_build.zip 21 MB
2021.01.19_V.02_Topdown.zip 21 MB
2021.01.05_V.01_Platformer.zip 21 MB

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