V1.0 Official Launch

My first of ten prototypes for the Game-A-Week project course. This week's design restriction allowed only a single button for gameplay. The nature of a single-button game is of course that a designer is hard-pressed to make it interesting or challenging, as there is not much room for mechanical depth. I am personally a big fan of complexity in games, so I tried to find a way to make the game a little interesting. Although the first difficulty level of Press D to Defuse is trivial, the fifth and sixth difficulty are actually semi-challenging. Playtesting the prototype would lead to more stream-lined difficulty levels, but I think the core gameplay could actually stand on its own if it was mixed up a bit. This could be achieved by adding a timer forcing you to press for the next number quickly, and mixing up the numbers on the numpad. The gameplay suffers from lack of diversity though, as all levels are essentially the same, just more difficult. I do not believe that there is a simple fix for this, given the design restriction of only a single button.


nomi_proto_1_build.zip 15 MB
Mar 31, 2019

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